Better Buildings for Michigan - Marquette

The Marquette BetterBuildings for Michigan Program is no longer scheduling home energy assessments.  The program concluded in May 2013.  We are happy to report that we reached nearly 750 homes in the City of Marquette.  Download the full state-wide report here.  



“The contractor for my home assessment was extremely knowledgeable about home construction, the science of energy transfer, heating and electrical, and the latest in energy efficient products and rebates through the BetterBuildings for Michigan Program.  I most certainly recommend this to my neighbors!”

--Karen Schmidt, South Marquette Resident



All qualifying homes will receive a home energy assessment by a qualified, fully licensed contractor. Assessments are $50 for residents of Marquette and $100 for nonresident employees of NMU. This assessment will identify energy conservation opportunities and ways the homeowner can save money on energy bills. In addition, the assessment includes the installation of these simple energy efficiency upgrades: up to (10) compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), pipe wrap, faucet aerators, a low-flow shower head, and a programmable thermostat.  In addition, each home assessment includes a complete health and safety inspection to assess carbon monoxide levels, asbestos, etc. 

What each homeowner will receive:

1)  A comprehensive home energy assessment for a great value ($100)
2)  A chance to engage with an energy professional for up to 3 hours in their home (depending on the size)
3)  Set of Direct Installs (CFLS, faucet aerators, showerhead, pipe wrap, programmable thermostat)
4)  A detailed report outlining

  • the home’s current energy efficiency,
  • modeled energy and cost savings
  • the top recommendations for improving energy efficiency with the highest ROI
  • matching improvements to financing opportunities


IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM:  One of our licensed, Michigan Saves qualifed energy assessors will perform your home assessment, provide detailed recommendations, coordinate all major improvements with licensed contractors, take all the necessary steps to finalize the loan and/or rebates, and always be there for questions.  Our energy assessors are here to work for you. 



Watch this short video to learn just what our energy assessors will be doing while in your home.



The good news is that EVERYONE qualifies for the BetterBuildings for Michigan Program.  Your income will determine which part of the program you can participate in.  Please see the below income chart.  If you find that your pre-tax income is less than listed on this chart, you may qualify for the Weatherization Assistance Program through our local Community Action Agency (Alger Marquette Community Action Board).  For more information please call Anne Engman at 228-6522 (Ext. 351).  If your income is above the range in the chart your household will qualify for the program outlined above and can receive a complete home energy assessment.

******Please note******* if your pre-tax income is at or less than the chart below (depending on the number of people in your family), it is to your advantage to participate in the AMCAB Weatherization Assistance Program - the improvements will result in greater savings for you and your family. 


Listen to the Sunny 101.9 radio interview on the program here.

Watch this informative video explaining the Better Buildings for Michigan Program.

Click here for more information on the BBFM State-wide Program.

BetterBuildings for Michigan uses a community approach to deliver energy efficiency improvements for homes and businesses providing access to incentives and affordable loans. The program is supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) and developed by the Michigan Energy Office; Michigan Saves; the City of Grand Rapids; the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit; and the Southeast Michigan Regional Energy Office.

Additional partners include Clean Energy Coalition; DeWitt and Bath Townships; Michigan Energy Options; Wyandotte Municipal Services; Building Science Energy Services; McKenna Associates; City of Marquette; Superior Watershed Partnership; St.Joseph County Economic Development Corporation; City of Traverse City; Michigan Land Use Institute; and SEEDS.

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