Protecting and restoring the watersheds of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron while serving the communities of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The SWP Mission: to protect and improve the natural resources of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on a watershed basis; by promoting responsible individual and community actions that ensure a sustainable environment, encourage a sustainable economy and help improve quality of life.

The Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) is an award winning Great Lakes non-profit organization that has set national records for pollution prevention and implements innovative, science-based programs that achieve documented environmental, economic and educational results.

The SWP staff includes biologists, planners, technicians and educators who provide creative, science-based solutions for a wide range of Great Lakes challenges facing communities and watersheds across the Upper Peninsula. Read More

Over the last decade the SWP has completed more than 20 watershed protection and habitat restoration projects throughout this unique watershed. With funding provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, EPA and other agencies the SWP has been able to significantly reduce sedimentation and improve important aquatic habitat for the threatened Coaster Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) and other species. In fact, the SWP Salmon Trout project was featured in the State of the Great Lakes Report for contributing to a 70% increase in the Coaster population. The Salmon Trout is one of the last rivers on the south shore of Lake Superior with a naturally reproducing population of native Coaster.

SWP plans for the Salmon Trout include; additional habitat restoration projects, expanded stream monitoring and continued public education. The SWP has also been instrumental in improving public access to this unique river system. The restored watershed and improved fishery sets the bar higher for everyone truly interested in protecting the long term health of the Salmon Trout River and Lake Superior.

Read more about this project in The State of the Great Lakes Report here.

Great Lakes Pollution Prevention:
The SWP staff provides innovative, effective solutions for addressing a variety of emerging Great Lakes issues:
Great Lakes Habitat Restoration:
The SWP is the regional leader in planning and implementing science-based habitat restoration projects:
How We Make a Difference:
The SWP is a local organization working with local communities and local people:
SWP Youth Programs:
The SWP is committed to training the next generation of Great Lakes stewards:

Great Lakes Watershed Protection
The SWP is a regional leader in implementing Great Lakes protection and restoration projects that have documented results including cleaner water, improved habitat, less pollution and more people involved! Learn more

Accelerating Climate Adaptation
The SWP Climate Adaptation Plan provides an innovative framework that has enabled coastal communities to begin implementing projects that further climate adaption and community resiliency.
Executive Summary

Learn more

Mining and Independent Monitoring
The SWP has pioneered an independent monitoring program for a controversial nickel mine in the Lake Superior watershed. The monitoring program can serve as a model for other communities to replicate around the Great Lakes and the world! Learn more

Community Education and Youth Programs
The SWP offers a wide variety of K-12 school programs, university internships and community education programs. The SWP is also expanding the Youth Conservation Corps which offers teens a unique opportunity to work on conservation projects, learn about environmental issues, keep daily journals and become the next generation of Great Lakes Stewards! Learn more

Conservation Easements; A Tool for Protecting Your Land.
A conservation easement (sometimes also referred to as a conservation restriction) is a voluntary, legal agreement between a landowner and a land trust. Learn more

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The New Improved Great Lakes Shoreviewer!
The Superior Watershed Partnership is pleased to provide FREE high resolution color photography for every inch of Great Lakes coastline in the Upper Peninsula including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Great Lakes ShoreViewer

Community Wind by Rich VanderVeen
In an era of competing ideas and differing outlooks, engaging, educating and involving each community in developing a wind project is a smart way to avoid conflict and bring good ideas to the table. This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iPad, and with iTunes on your computer. Click here.

Great Lakes Conservation Corps:
The SWP is expanding the Great Lakes Conservation Corps in 2014. This summer the SWP will have both roving crews and community-based crews working on projects that benefit Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Look for more information soon.

Apply Now! The SWP in partnership with VYCC are offering the Great Lakes Conservation Corps. Click here.

Stormwater; A Resource Not a Waste Product!
Learn more

Current view of Lake Superior from the SWP Office Webcam


Number of pounds of carbon reduced through SWP energy conservation and climate change programs to date.